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Made-to-measure products

Individual bathtubs, shower trays, shower areas and washbasins

Schmidlin supplies a wide range of standard bathroom products made from glazed titanium steel. If the size or design you’re looking for isn’t there, we also offer made-to-measure designs which give you the freedom to design the bathroom you always wanted with the personal touches that really make it your own.

Our standard product range includes a large number of different sizes and designs. If you can’t find the size or design that’s right for you in our product catalogue, we can supply a made-to-measure product that does exactly what you want. Our made-to-measure products are divided into two ranges: Vario and Custom Designs.

Vario stands for made-to-measure products which are easy to order, with quick delivery and fixed prices. We guarantee delivery within ten working days; if you choose the Subito option, your product can even be delivered to your location within four working days. Made-to-measure Vario products are available for selected bathtub, shower tray, shower area and washbasin models.

Custom Designs open up a world of endless possibilities. The majority of our bathtubs, shower trays, shower areas and washbasins can be extended, shortened, widened or narrowed. Additional options include custom holes, bevelled, rounded or sharp corners, oblique angles and seamless enamel aprons.

Why choose a made-to-measure product? – Unlimited design possibilities

Schmidlin made-to-measure products give you all the freedom you need to design your perfect bathroom. Whether it’s modifications, renovations or customised new builds, you’ll always find the perfect solution. And you know you’ll be getting reliable, high Swiss quality.

Schmidlin made-to-measure products stand out from the rest in a number of ways. Here are the biggest advantages.

Completely individual:
For every situation and every need, Schmidlin has the perfect solution. Enjoy complete freedom when designing your bath.

Bath renovations designed to fit:
When making modifications or renovating, Schmidlin made-to-measure designs are often the only aesthetically pleasing, hygienic solution. A made-to-measure shower tray, bathtub or washbasin also avoids complicated tiling work, saving time and money.

Easy to design:
All Schmidlin products, including made-to-measure ones, can be designed online. You can then download the CAD data or a PDF file which can be integrated directly into your plans.

Quick delivery:
Vario products come with guaranteed delivery within ten working days. On request, we can also deliver direct to your location within four working days.

Schmidlin manufactures high-quality, long-lasting products in the heart of Switzerland.