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Field laboratory

Professional perfectionists

Taking our SchmidLEAN philosophy to heart, we are constantly perfecting our products, installation systems and working processes. To ensure these efforts have an impact beyond our four walls, we have built an engineering laboratory next to our production facility in Oberarth. The construction laboratory has two installation rooms and two measuring rooms. The rooms comply with DIN 52 210 as sound test rooms and are ISO certified. Here we dedicate ourselves to product development and carry out extensive product tests and sound tests.

We also offer the installation and measuring rooms to external companies for tests and measurements.

Schmidlin Baulabor Use and Rent by External Students (PDF in German)

In our construction laboratory we also offer regular training courses and seminars for employees, wholesale representatives, architects and installers.

The content of these specialist seminars is tailored to the professional requirements of the participants:

For plumbers and sanitary engineers:
We explain how different designs have different acoustic effects, and how you can install your baths or showers so that they meet modern soundproofing regulations. We also give you tips on proper installation of floor-level shower areas, washbasins and urinals. The seminar will be led by an expert sanitary engineer familiar with the challenges of your work from personal experience.

Trainings for plumbers

For architects and designers:

Our specialist seminar will give you information relevant for designing soundproofing in building construction and tell you what you need to know for working with sanitary engineers. We make sure that your soundproofing design and product selection meets the relevant standards when installed, and we introduce you to the benefits of enamelled steel in sustainable construction and individual bathroom design.

Trainings for architects

All our specialist seminars also include a tour of our site, giving you an exciting insight into how our products are manufactured.

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