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Value in sustainability

Sustainability is an abstract term, but it nonetheless has a very real impact on how we work. As a family business, we work in accordance with the concept of sustainable development. We minimise the environmental impact of what we do our as far as possible and are aware of our social responsibility towards our employees and fellow human beings. When taking decisions, we consider the generations yet to come, and we set great store by cultivating fair and open relationships with our business partners.

We are determined to reduce our consumption of energy and resources even further for each product we make. To this end, we work alongside EnAW (the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector), and for many years we have ensured that, when it comes to replacing manufacturing equipment, we invest in more efficient systems in order to reduce our electricity consumption. Additional multi-stage heat recovery processes also help to keep our energy costs low. As an industrial business we know that production is impossible without energy. We meet, and in some cases go beyond, all regulations concerning emission limits, workplace safety and waste materials. Our main focus, however, has been on optimising our processes and workspaces so that we provide a pleasant and secure working environment for our employees, who are our most valuable resource.

We only use FSC-certified paper and remain climate-neutral when printing with the myclimate label. Our overarching principle in relation to raw materials and energy is to use no more than necessary and to use them intelligently.

When working with steel and enamel we use natural, 100% recyclable materials which retain their value throughout the cycle of extraction, production and disposal. Our glazed titanium steel products last a lifetime; their timeless designs and the durability of the materials make your Schmidlin product a far-sighted choice.

All our bathtubs, shower trays, shower areas and washbasins come with our standard 30-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. The 2-year whirl system guarantee can be extended with a service agreement.