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Steel and enamel

A bath for life

Mother Nature is often the world’s greatest inventor, so we gladly take inspiration from her. For this reason, we use two natural materials with properties that complement each other perfectly when manufacturing our washbasins, shower areas, bathtubs and shower trays: steel and enamel.

We shape the high-quality titanium steel into the desired shape at our state-of-the-art production facilities. Enamel is a form of melted glass made from borax, feldspar, quartz, soda and other raw materials. These raw materials are melted to form enamel frits, which are the basis for enamelling. In the right hands, steel and enamel combine perfectly to form glazed titanium steel.

High-quality and sustainable
Glazed titanium steel is extremely high-quality, robust and durable. And your Schmidlin products made from it can be reused or recycled.

Stable and resistant
We use a steel alloy with added titanium. This makes our products very stable, and the enamel helps give them an extremely long-lasting surface.

Hygienic and low-maintenance
Enamel is an inorganic material, so no bacteria or pathogens can grow on our products. The shiny enamel surface is gentle on your skin and easy to clean.

Colour-resistant and non-fading
Our products retain their original colour, do not fade and are completely resistant to UV light, while the smooth surface reflects light evenly.

Warming and conductive
Steel is a very good heat conductor and quickly adopts the temperature of the water or the surroundings. It slowly releases this heat, meaning that the water remains hotter for longer.