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Trainings for plumbers

Gain a competitive edge in knowledge and innovation for your daily work.

As long-standing experts in sanitary engineering, our training course gives you the information and insights to enrich your business. You will see up close how different designs have different acoustic effects, and how you can install your baths or showers correctly so that they meet modern soundproofing regulations. Correct installation of our products is an issue close to our hearts,and the training course will show you how to install the popular Schmidlin FLOOR shower area properly. All information on correct installation is provided by an expert sanitary engineer who knows the realities of your work inside out.

The overall programme finishes with a tour of the production area and a presentation of the latest product developments in our spacious showroom.

04,27 2021
05 27 2021
06,22 2021
09,17 2021
10,26 2021

Place and duration
Oberarth, 09.00 - 16.00, incl. lunch

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Tu 27. April 2021
Th 27. May 2021
Tu 22. June 2021
Fr 17. September 2021
Tu 26. October 2021