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Trainings for architects

Did you know that all Schmidlin bathtubs, shower trays and shower areas, together with their assembly systems, meet the increased requirements of soundproofing standard SIA 181?

The stricter SIA 181 soundproofing standards apply to all new builds and renovations affecting building acoustics. In discussions with our expert sanitary engineers you will gain valuable, design-relevant information on the subject of “Soundproofing in Building Construction”, ensuring that your product selection and soundproofing-optimised designs fully comply with the latest soundproofing regulations.

How much do you know about our products, the high-quality material used to make them and their sustainability? Steel enamel is a material which offers previously unimaginable possibilities for customised bathroom design. Be inspired.

Did you know about steel enamel and its outstanding qualities as a material for facade, wall and tunnel linings?Discover the possibilities of steel enamel in person and see for yourself the advantages it offers.

The programme finishes with a tour of the production area and a presentation of the latest product developments in our spacious showroom.     


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Oberarth, 09.00 - 12.30

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