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Tile flanges

Permanently watertight and maintenance-free

The Schmidlin Tile flange is a 3 cm high, enamelled border of the bathtub, half of which is covered by the wall tiles. This guarantees an absolutely watertight wall connection, with no silicon joint. The joint between the wall and the border of the bathtub is kept permanently watertight and maintenance-free with Schmidlin Tile flange. This makes discolored or mouldy silicon joints a thing of the past.

Schmidlin bathtubs are available with tile flange on one, two or three sides or with partial tile flange. Schmidlin shower trays are also available with tile flanges on all four sides.


The advantages:

  • absolutely watertight
  • no silicon joint
  • hygienic
  • easy care
  • durable solution
  • 30 years of warranty


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