individually swiss made


for bathtubs and whirltubs

Underwater spotlight

Whether you want to create a sense of mystery or stimulate your senses, our underwater spotlight will help you set just the right mood. The halogen spotlight provides a warm glow and can be fitted to all of our bathtubs, even those which are not whirl systems.

Coloured light therapy

Our underwater power LEDs create even more of a special atmosphere in your bath. Experience the positive effect of coloured light on the body, mind and soul. The light can be adjusted to suit your needs, as the LEDs cover the entire colour spectrum. Choose between permanent or automatically changing colours. The energy-saving LED coloured lights can also be fitted to any of our bathtubs, even those which are not whirl systems.


To avoid the disappointment of your hot bath running cold, optional intelligent heating is available. A sensor continuously monitors the water temperature. If it falls below a set value, the heating is switched on. A flow heater heats the circulating water. Heating is available for the Schmidlin JET, JET+SPA and AQUA SILENT whirl systems. The temperature display is included with the heater.

Temperature display

The digital temperature display helps you keep the water temperature in your whirl tub under control at all times.

Inspection flap

The inspection flap is a simple way to ensure access to the technical components of your whirl system.

Water alarm

Our optional water alarm guarantees safe use of your bath. Two sensors positioned on the floor underneath the tub ensure that leaking water is detected early. Before the water can cause any damage, a warning is sounded.