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Seamless enameled apron

Seamlessly hygienic

Shower bases with seamless enameled apron fit beautifully into any bathroom. This clever solution is easy to install, especially during renovations and conversions, and saves you time-consuming panel work.


Schmidlin shower base superflat with seamless enameled apron

Our shower bases in classic design with seamless enameled apron provide practically free choice of sizes.

  • Seamless enameled apron on one, two or three sides.
  • Available in different sizes of shower bases super flat, flat, deep or ECK super flat, flat and deep.
  • Available in different heights.

Schmidlin VIVA with seamless enameled apron

Shower area VIVA with its soft and modern design with seamless enameled, 5 cm high apron, provides practically free choice of size.

  • Seamless enameled apron on four sides
  • Available in all sizes of shower surface VIVA (except 160 × 120 cm, 180 × 90 cm, 180 × 100 cm)