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Schmidlin Whirl System

Congratulations on your decision for a Swiss quality product.

With correct operation and care, we guarantee many years of pleasure with your whirl system. We recommend that you register your Schmidlin whirl system to benefit from the following advantages:



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Schmidlin grants a guarantee of 2 years on the Whirl system and 30 years on the bathtub for your Schmidlin Whirl system. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects. All other defects are not covered by the warranty. In particular, those resulting from improper handling or from external influences.

You will receive extended, long-term protection for your Schmidlin whirl system if you conclude a maintenance contract. In addition to the warranty extension, you benefit from the scope of the maintenance contract, in particular the annual inspection, maintenance, decalcification and disinfection of your whirl system.