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Beautifully shaped and designed to fit

Schmidlin washbasins are perfect for your public lavatory, as you have a free choice of sizes, spacings, options and accessories. One thing, however, remains the same: all our washbasins are made from glazed titanium steel, the ideal material for heavily used facilities.

For every situation and every need, we have the perfect solution for you. Three models of interior shapes are available, while the exterior, accessories and options give you even more flexibility – oblique angles, cut-off corners and more are possible. Our washbasins are made from glazed titanium steel, so they are hygienic, easy to clean and hard-wearing. The even shine of this high-quality material gives your public lavatories a refined feel.

Elegantly catches the eye

Schmidlin QUADRO and Schmidlin QUADRINO are elegant additions to any public lavatory thanks to the striking presence of the cubic shape. The two models differ in the size of their interior:

Schmidlin QUADRO: Interior 60 x 40cm

Schmidlin QUADRINO: Interior 40 x 30cm

A circular classic

The classic Schmidlin ORBIS is a sure-fire winner, with a clean and harmonious design.


• Width: any desired up to max. 400 cm
• Depth:  Schmidlin ORBIS: 45–60 cm
              Schmidlin QUADRINO: 30–60 cm
              Schmidlin QUADRO: 44–60 cm
• Rim height: 12.5 or 14 cm
• Free choice of basin position and spacing
• Free choice of holes for fittings

• Large colour selection, including matt enamel colours
• Schmidlin CLEANEFFECT stain-resistant surface treatment
• Tissue dispenser
• Holes for fittings (made-to-measure)
• Holes for soap dispenser (made-to-measure)
• Holes for sockets (made-to-measure)
• Built-in made-to-measure bin opening for rim or cover
• Oblique angles or cut-off corners

• Soap dispenser
• Drain valves
• Drainage/overflow fittings